The Puerto Rican Prince

The Diligent, Vigilant, Conscientious but at the same time Pretentious Man !  

The History of the prince

Info About Me

 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I am the most perfect being you will ever see, I am The Puerto Rican Prince. I am a professional wrestler from Milford, Connecticut and I am ready to change professional wrestling

What wrestling style do I prefer?

I can adapt myself to any wrestling styles such as Japanese Strong style, British Strong style, Luchador wrestling, and honestly any style because yes I am that good

Why should you book me?

I have all of the necessary attributes to be the best professional wrestler in the world, so why wouldn't you want to book me

Puerto Rican Prince Highlights

Check out this great video of the best wrestler in the world and yes somehow I have gotten better since this video

Want to keep up with what the prince is doing?

I am the future of professional wrestling and I am ready to take on any "wrestler" who thinks they can hang with me

ANy questions about the puerto rican prince

Contact Us

Puerto Rican Prince

The BWO 33 Broad Street Milford, CT 06460 US

(203) 278-0578